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Statistics::Basic and Author Tests

Hi Paul:

As you may recall, Statistics::Basic recently had a
Fails-to-Build-From-Source problem due to your use of Perl::Critic
(BTS#546227). As you mentioned, this wouldn't be an issue if we
weren't running author tests, which is true. However, we prefer to do
it because it gives us maximum quality assurance -- everything passes
on our end the same as it does on yours -- which is a nice thing to
have. It has occasionally allowed us to catch some bugs/issues we
wouldn't have run into otherwise.

>From your end, something you should perhaps consider doing is
following Adam Kennedy's advice to use AUTOMATED_TESTING and
RELEASE_TESTING variables (the former is set to a true value on CPAN
Testers machines, while RELEASE_TESTING is suitable for Perl::Critic
since it's never enabled during automated testing procedures). Here is
an article discussing the idea and why it is useful:



Bug 546227: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=546227

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