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Re: Bug#545904: perl: ExtUtils::MakeMaker change in 5.10.1 breaks 'make install PREFIX=/some/where'

On Fri, 11 Sep 2009 09:19:43 +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:

> > > The problem is that PREFIX can't be overridden at install time anymore.

> > Hm. Am I mistaken or does that mean we have to fix and upload 378
> > packages or they will be insta-buggy for FTBFS'ing after the 5.10.1
> > upload?
> I don't think it's quite that bad.
> Variants of
>  make install DESTDIR=$(TMP) PREFIX=/usr
> should be OK: the PREFIX override is ignored but /usr is the default anyway.

Ah, ok, I was just grepping for PREFIX yesterday and most of the
commands indeed had both PREFIX and DESTDIR
> The buggy ones are those that set the temporary installation path
> with PREFIX:
>  make install PREFIX=$(TMP)/usr
> Grepping debian/rules (and debian/local.mk) for install and PREFIX but not
> DESTDIR gives 227 source packages out of the 1824 in sid matching m/-perl/.

For pkg-perl's trunk:
$ grep PREFIX */debian/rules | grep -v DESTDIR | wc -l

Sounds better indeed :)
> I'll set up a mass test rebuild this weekend to verify these and find any
> other common problems. 

Cool, thanks.

> Does anybody know a contact for the amd64/experimental and
> i386/experimental buildd admins? Otherwise, I suppose I'll upload the
> binaries myself.

Sorry, no idea.

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