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Re: Summer cleanup

On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 18:24:00 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:

> Here are the results of looking through the packages that have never
> been uploaded and are older than 90 days:

> libclass-workflow-perl
> Antony Gelberg/AGOSTINI Yves
> TODO in changelog

Removed by Alex yesterday.
> libcrypt-dsa-perl
> Deepak Tripathi
> TODO in changelog, and upstream-license note

Removed by me now.
> libcurses-forms-perl
> Edi Stojicevic
> TODO in changelog

> libcurses-ui-poe-perl
> Antony Gelberg
> TODO in changelog

New activity, still work to do :)
> libev-perl
> Maximilian Gaß
> problem with included source

Additional note in changelog, thanks for the mail.
> libfile-log-perl
> Carl Fürstenberg
> only injected, no ITP, no notes

Removed by me now.
> libgit-fastexport-perl
> Edi Stojicevic
> TODO in changelog

> libgraph-writer-graphviz-perl
> Xavier Oswald
> note about test failures and upstream

> libmath-pari-perl 
> Deepak Tripathi
> notes in changelog

Removed by me now.
> libsub-current-perl
> eloy
> "TODO: file ITP" (and upload :))

Uploaded and in the archive.
> libtemplate-plugin-javascript-perl
> Maximilian Gaß
> no notes, IIRC there is a copyright clarification going on right now

Uploaded and in the archive.

> /* libtest-apocalypse-perl 
> old but there's work on the dependencies */

Work in progress.
> libtest-kwalitee-perl
> Peter Pentchev
> "WAITS for libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl"

> libtest-trap-perl 
> Antony Gelberg
> TODO in changelog

Removed by Alex yesterday.
> libxml-diff-perl
> Carl Fürstenberg
> just injected, no ITP, no notes

Removed by me now.

So this leaves us with
* libcurses-forms-perl
* libgit-fastexport-perl
where I'll wait a couple of more days.

The following still stands:

> If you (as the person who svn-injected/ITPd the package or someone
> else) are still covinced that the package should be uploaded to the
> archive, please do either one of (in descending preferability):
> - make the package ready for upload
> - add a note to changelog about the status (and change the date in
>   the trailer line of the changelog entry)
> - reply to this mail
> If you have injected/ITPd the mail and don't consider it useful any
> more or can't solve license issues or whatever please remove it from
> svn (trunk, tags, branches/upstream).

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