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Re: Perl plans for the squeeze cycle

Hi Marc,

On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 14:41, Marc
Brockschmidt<marc@marcbrockschmidt.de> wrote:

> * Which major upstream releases of perl are expected in the next two
>  years? Which of those are material for Debian stable, which might be a bit
>  flaky?

Even if I don't know current plans in the Perl community, Perl 5.8 was
released in July, 2002 and the next major release, 5.10, was released
in December, 2007. I spent a while trying to find the plans for 5.12,
but it seems that nothing has been said. What I could find was this
blog post/manifesto by chromatic static that "# No one can predict
when (or if) Perl 5.12 will come out.". On a side, perhaps ironic
note, in that post he's asking for predictable, time-based releases.
Who knows, maybe the Perl community can be talked into the big synch

All that said, minor releases of Perl usually don't pose big problems
(that I remember of) for libraries, as the API and ABI is stable. The
5.10 release did took some time, and it was not that bad because we
were working on it way before 5.10 hit unstable.

Martín Ferrari

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