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Minutes from the pkg-perl meeting on 26th of July

Hello amigos!

Here are the minutes from the second meeting of the Debian Perl Group 
at DebConf9. Sorry for taking so long to prepare them.

There are a couple of open tasks so if you are looking for some easy 
stuff to do, please claim it :)

 * svn->git. dam confessed guilty for not making any progress here :|
   (which can be good for all svn addicts :P)

 * auto-updating d/rules after checksumming:
   - dh-make-perl to create d/rules with the checksum tag
   - dh-make-perl to update d/rules only if its checksum matches 
     a known generated one
   - tim takes care of this

 * stale WiP
   - PET section in place thanks to gregoa++; no cron job needed
   - tincho adds flash

 * d/changelog pseudo-headers
   - IGNORE-VERSION implemented in PET by ryan52++, bricas++ started 
     filling it
   - http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/OpenTasks/ChangelogHeaders 
     to be tracked by dam

 * unifying source package names
   - easy non-lib*-perl packages are renamed to lib*-perl by gregoa++
   - the rest are more of an applications
   - renaming would cause problems for BTS tracking, but this is not 
     the case for us since the packages in question are almost 

 * rewriting packageckeck in Perl
   - jeremiah++ started the rewrite

 * proper place to note upstream bug tracker
   - X-Contact-BTS field in debian/copyright

 * easier editting of patch headers and forwarding the patches 
   - we need someone to write patch-editting tool
   - reward is the ability to choose the name of the tool.

   - then we need some way to track patches not forwarded upstream and 
     hunt them down
   - tincho writes a new PET template for displaying non-forwarded 

 * fixing lintian repo-wide
   - to be fixed on upload, unless someone works on that and gets our 
     warm regards

 * ancient Standard-Version
   - ancient Standard-Version-s need to be hunted down and refreshed
   - maybe update packages not uploaded since long time (sarge) or 
     these with old dh compatibility (or missing d/compat).
   - volunteers needed

 * unify d/repack
   - Ryan52++ is working on this. almost done. comments and success 
     stories are welcome.

 * post-lenny:
   - done: remove transitional packages (gregoa++)
   - posponed for after squeeze: removal of B-D on "perl-modules (>= 
     5.10) | libFOO-perl" (i.e. dropping the alternative)

 * upload half-adopted packages
   - uploads are warranted at least because of the BTS. 70-80
   - ansgar++ takes over.

 * dh-make-perl
   - progresses slowly (to say it mild); fresh forces welcome; as well 
     as bug reports

 * M::I
   - we write a statement of protest against M::I viral behaviour
   - gregoa+dam prepare a proposal

Thanks to everybody attending.


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