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Re: Dual-Build Modules (What to do if both Makefile.PL and Build.PL exist)

-=| Jonathan Yu, Fri, May 08, 2009 at 10:56:27AM -0400 |=-
> You are correct that the only compelling reason to switch /away/ 
> from
> the current setup is a bug in Module::Build::Compat. But at the same
> time, I think that if there is nothing real opposing the change, then
> we should do it, because ExtUtils::MakeMaker is deprecated anyway.

Good luck on fixing something that is not broken. Or is it?

> I think that it's worth further investigation. So far all we have
> opposing the change is Joey Hess' argument that it might break some
> modules, which is logical but not proven.
> Is that the current state of this discussion?

Could you please demonstrate what problem needs to be fixed? Which of 
the 202[1] packages in our repository fails to build because 
Makefile.PL is used instead of Build.PL?

    [0] $ ls -1 | while read d; do \
            [ -e $d/Makefile.PL -a -e $d/Build.PL ] && echo $d;\
            done | wc -l

Before sending patch to debhelper, please check if all of these still 
build. That would help counter the arguemnt that making Build.PL the 
default may break something.


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