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Re: Status of Test-Apocalypse

On May 8, 2009, at 7:30, Ryan Niebur wrote:

okay, so the only things left for Test-Apocalypse are for:
a) upstream to switch to jawnsy's test-distmanifest (jawnsy talked to apocal about this)
b) libtest-strict-perl, libtest-portability-files-perl,
libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl (and therefor libarray-diff-perl), and
libtest-file-perl need to get packaged. Jeremiah, Peter, what's the
status of these packages?

Jeremiah, for libtest-strict-perl it looks like somebody just needs to
do the TODOs listed in the changelog.

I will do this, now.

Jeremiah, it looks like libtest-file-perl just needs you to either ask
upstream to make the change or patch it in.

I suspect I will have to patch it in myself, I have talked with upstream about this, but only in passing. I will try and discuss it again but I doubt brian will want my advice on how to build his modules.

Peter, for libtest-portability-files-perl it looks again like somebody
just needs to do the TODOs listed in the changelog.
Peter, for libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl it looks like you were going
to email upstream, have you done that yet?
Peter, for libarray-diff-perl it looks like you again need to email
the upstream author, have you done that yet?
Jonathan, do you know what the status of Test-Apocalypse switching is?

I will happily work on these packages if you ask me to.

Thanks Ryan. I will try and get my TODOs done today, if I don't I will ask for your help.


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