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Re: r32759 - in /trunk/libjavascript-perl: JavaScript_Env.h debian/changelog debian/compat debian/control

On Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:21:49 +0200, Krzysztof Krzy?aniak wrote:

> > Since JavaScript_Env.h is created in Makefile.PL probably rm'ing it
> > in debian/rule's clean target was a good idea ...
> Then it have to be deleted from svn repo 

Ack (and after each svn-upgrade again)

> or should be removed in other
> way 

or moved away or "svn update"d ...
But IMO just rm'ing it from svn is enough.

> (svn-buildpackage reports missing JavaScript_Env.h file when used).

I always use --svn-ignore.

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