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Re: Proposal to improve package configuration upgrades

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Augeas, if I understand it correctly, requires modeling every
> configuration file that you want to handle using it. 

Actually, Augeas requires a description of the syntax of the file (the
lens). Depending on the lens, the description may contain some
information regarding the semantics. With this description Augeas
provides a way to load configuration informations in a configuration
tree. But this configuration tree is often not able to validate
completely the content of the file.

On the other hand Config::Model require a complete description of the
semantic of the configuration file to construct a tree that will be
able to validate the content of a file. This description is
application dependant. It needs a way to load configuration file
content in the tree. This can be done with dedicated perl code (with
or without modules like Config::Ini) or with Augeas (See
Config::Model::OpenSsh for instance)

> That's going to make it rather hard to use as a distribution-wide
> solution, 

It's not going to happen overnight...

> although it may be an improvement that's available in some specific
> cases where a model is available.

That's the idea.

All the best

Dominique Dumont 
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner

  domidumont at irc.freenode.net
  ddumont at irc.debian.org

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