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Re: package libconfig-model-tkui-perl and its dependencies

On 19:06 Mon 29 Dec     , Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Hello


> I'm currently packaging libconfig-model-tkui-perl which depends on
> libconfig-model-perl and libtk-dirselect-perl.  (both were uploaded by
> Gregor, but they are still in ftp master queue)
> Before submitting them for review, should I wait for these
> dependencies to be available in unstable ? Or can you process them
> even if all dependencies are not yet available ?

I already was in that case. The fact is that you can upload a package for the
NEW queue if dependancies are in the ftp master queue. I have replied to my ITP
informing that dependancies are in the queue (it's not needed but I think it's
always good to have informations).

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