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Bug#507540: new upstream version needed by Padre

Package: libfile-homedir-perl
Version: 0.80-1
Severity: wishlist


Padre (ITP#492696) declares dependency on File-HomeDir 0.82. Sid has
only 0.80 and at least one change since 0.80 looks like sufficiently
important as to warrant an upload.

  - Localising $@ during evals

Please upgrade the package to 0.82.

I also take the occasion to invite you and all your lib*-perl packages
to the Debian Perl Group (http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup).

If you don't have time right now and want me to NMU the new upstream
version with minimal other changes, that's fine too.

Also, just to mention all possibilities, pkg-perl is always wanting to
adopt nice lib*-perl packages :)


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