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Re: Bug#501688: [PATCH] improved get_stdmodules

Hello Paul,

-=| Paul Fenwick, Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 05:09:35AM +1100 |=-
> G'day everyone,
> I've started to do clean-up dh-make-perl that have nothing to do with
> build_requires, META.yml, or the like.  I'm not sure of the debian bug
> procedure, but I'd like to suggest opening another ticket, or dropping me on
> a mailing list, or doing something that means this bug won't get filled with
> patches that aren't directly relevant to it.  I'm not sure of the correct
> procedure here from your end, so if you can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

Just mail debian-perl@lists.debian.org (CC-ed).

The list does not require subscription to post, but it would make it 
a bit easier to follow if you are subscribed. If you don't like to 
subscribe, remember to ask to be CC-ed on replies.

> As a little bit of recreational clean-up, I've written a basic test for
> get_stdmodules, as well as altering it so that instead of it rooting around
> in perl's @INC, and firing off `dpkg -L`, it instead just asks
> Module::CoreList, which has already been Debianised for etch, and which
> contains a list of all the core modules for each version of Perl.
> It significantly reduces the complexity, size, and execution time of the
> code.  We're also no longer expecting external processes to run (eg, dpkg)
> and relying upon them to both exist and succeed.

Great. dpkg is pretty much guaranteed to exist on any "Debian" system, 
but avoiding both the fork and the parsing hackery is welcome.

> Patches are attached, again generated from git.


> If you want me to jump through whatever hoops are needed so I can 
> push changes into svn after they've been appropriately reviewed, do 
> let me know.

I don't mind doing the cherry-picking myself. I only ask you to base 
them against the current master on git.debian.org (which corresponds 
to SVN trunk).

I am also fine with giving you commit access directly to the SVN 
repository. So far you seem to know what you're doing and we can 
always revert :P

Side note: several of the characters you'd find on debian-perl list 
are also hanging in #debian-perl IRC channel (irc.debian.org, OFTC).

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