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Template Toolkit, Template::DBI and Etch updates breakage


This message is mainly to bring bug #504373 to the pkg-perl group's
attention, even if this package is not ours - it falls within our
statement of purpose. I am Cc:ing Dominic, as he has done some NMUs on
this package (specifically, he introduced the version that splits the
package into its components). And of course, Mako's input (as the
package maintainer) is also welcome.

As we currently stand, several Template Toolkit plugins are available
in Debian (not all of them introduced after Etch):

$ apt-cache search libtemplate-plugin
libtemplate-plugin-calendar-simple-perl - Simple calendar plugin for perl Template Toolkit
libtemplate-plugin-class-perl - Call methods of arbitrary classes in perl Template Toolkit
libtemplate-plugin-clickable-perl - Make URLs clickable in HTML
libtemplate-plugin-gd-perl - GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit
libtemplate-plugin-textile2-perl - textile plugin for the Template Toolkit
libtemplate-plugin-xml-perl - XML plugins for the Template Toolkit
libtemplate-plugin-yaml-perl - simple Template Toolkit Plugin Interface to the YAML module

However, a big "selling point" for the Template Toolkit has long been
the Template::DBI module. Sadly, I believe we are quite a bit late to
introduce it into Lenny - But the package could be uploaded into
Debian, and basically added straight to lenny-backports as soon as it
is available.

Other group members: Do you have anything to add to this? Would this
be an adequate course of action? Do you think this would warrant
mention in Lenny libtemplate-perl's NEWS.Debian section?

I am not yet filing an ITP on this package, would like to get some
input first - but it is the logical way to go IMHO. It could be
tempting to downgrade this bug report, but I know many users will
suffer from it - it definitively introduces a regression which, at the
very least, needs to be clearly documented. And the regression will
often fall on user-written code, causing many hours of


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