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Re: Bug#500622: Acknowledgement (ITP: libflickr-upload-perl -- Flickr::Upload from CPAN)

Hi, Alex

-=| Alex Muntada, Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 11:22:57AM +0200 |=-
> libflickr-upload-perl was recently injected into pkg-perl svn repo:
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-perl/trunk/libflickr-upload-perl?op=log&rev=0&sc=0&isdir=1
> I'd appreciate any comments about this; it's my first package
> prepared for Debian pkg-perl team.

Just from reading the changelog:

 * to flag that the package is ready for review/upload you should sed 
   the distribution to something else, not 'UNRELEASED'. 'dch -r' can 
   help here.
 * no need to detail the changes for the -1 release. "Initial release 
   (Closes ITP)" entry is enough. In debian/changelog you describe the 
   changes since the previous debian release. Since this is the first 
   debian release, there is no much to describe.

Thank you for your work so far.

dam            JabberID: dam@jabber.minus273.org

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