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Re: etch -> lenny upgrade fails, because @INC does not contain 5.10 paths

-=| Agustin Martin, Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 12:45:30AM +0200 |=-
> Looking at /usr/sbin/update-xmlcatalog, seems that only
> File::Spec::Functions function used is 'catfile' whose calls should be
> pretty simple to replace,
> >From File::Spec::Unix (where File::Spec::Functions points to)
> catfile Concatenate one or more directory names and a filename to form
>         a complete path ending with a filename
> I am attaching a fully untested quick and dirty patch, intending to get rid
> of File::Spec::Functions by replacing 'catfile' calls. 

File::Spec provides a portable way of creating filesystem paths. Your 
patch would break portability.

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