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Re: Adopting libdatetime-locale-perl - CLDR

Sorry for delay, I missed your posting.

2008/9/23 Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org>:
> I know packaging goes a lot with personal preferences - So, if you
> like using yada, it's up to you. Our group doesn't ;-) So I will
> change the build system to our tradicional dh-make-perl-generated
> stuff.

No problem.

> But I see you are doing quite a bit of obscure chemistry to get an
> updated version of CLDR [1] to regenerate the module's files. I
> understand this helps not skewing far off CLDR, but at the same time,
> it makes the package IMHO way less maintainable. On one hand, it leads
> to a 1.2MB .diff.gz file - Wouldn't it be more advisable to separately
> package CLDR and build-depend on it?

If no other packages would use CLDR XML data files, I think it isn't
good solution.

> On the other hand, this leads to potentially regenerating 210 files
> (outside of debian/ - Basically, as part of the build process, lib/
> gets renamed into lib.bak and most of it is regenerated using the CLDR
> files). As for the latest uploaded version of your package, those
> files are identical to upstream's provided:
> 0 gwolf@mosca/tmp/libdatetime-locale-perl-0.35$ for i in $(find lib -type f); do diff -u $i ${i/lib/lib.bak}; done
> 0 gwolf@mosca/tmp/libdatetime-locale-perl-0.35$
> And anyway, in case upstream didn't follow closely the CLDR, probably
> it would be best to file bugs on him (instead of having such a big
> divergence!)

I think the upstream package has different goals: the precompilation
of CLDR files saves a lot of time and makes depencencies much
simplier. It is the Debian's problem that we have more strict policy
for sources.

> So, to make things short: Why did you do all this setup? Why shouldn't
> we go back to building this module as a regular Perl module? In any
> case, should a CLDR package be introduced (even if it is data only)?

The Debian Free Software Guide requires to provide the source for our
binary packages. The Perl module is not really source files as far as
the upstream compiles them from original CLDR package.

See http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/09/msg00825.html for
discussion on debian-volatile about DateTime::TimeZone and OlsonDB.

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