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Using quilt in debian/rules


In a recent TODO in a package I am working on, someone wrote:

  4) Read.pm is patched:
     while this is a good idea we generally use quilt for managing patches
     instead of changing the code directly:

While reading the quilt documentation I noted that it talks about
entering some information in debian/rules to inform the build system
that we are using quilt. But searching through the pkg-perl
subversion repo I did not find an entry regarding quilt in debian
rules for packages that used quilt _and_ dh 7. 

I did a fairly quick search, but if one looks at
libclass-mop-perl/debian/rules for example you'll see no mention of
quilt while that package Build-Depends on quilt and dh (>= 7). Older
versions of debhelper have entries in their rules files. 

Am I correct in assuming that dh >= 7 takes care of quilt
dependencies in Build-Depends?



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