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Please remove libwhisker-perl from the archive

reassign 434393 ftp.debian.org
retitle 434393 RM: libwhisker-perl -- orphaned, no rdepends, superseded

Hi ftp-masters,

when going through the list of orphaned perl module packages
libwhisker-perl came up as a candidate for removal:

* it's orphaned
* it has no reverse depends, since nikto switched to
* libwhisker2-perl seems to be the successor of libwhisker-perl

Two quotes from debian-perl@l.d.o:


Damyan Ivanov:

  > > > libwhisker-perl
  > > #434393, perl module, 2 bugs
  > > (the package name rings some bell in my head ...)
  > Maybe someone can help my old memory?
  Drop it. 1st class spaghetti perl, superceded by whisker2. It was in 
  the repository once.


Vincent Bernat (also maintainer of nikto):

  libwhisker-perl    was   used    by   nikto    which   is    now   using
  libwhisker2-perl. Maybe it can be removed.

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