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Re: Debian Perl Group and DebCamp

-=| Gunnar Wolf, Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 06:53:33PM -0500 |=-
> Congratulations! Yet another friend who embraces a similar project 
> in the last few months :-D


> Yet, either life is very different in an ex-communist country, or 
> you are just too naive.

I think the economic situation has nothing (or just a bit) to do so it 
must be me (and Nadi). It is just a mater of priorities :)

> s/months/decades/.

Nah, my previous experience (this is our third kid) shows that life is 
almost back to normal when the kindergarten kicks in around the 24th 
month. Of course, in this period the need of attention is a decreasing 
function so you can't compare the first months with the rest.

Of course, I wouldn't say this project is an easy one, but the "return 
value" is much, much more than the "investment" :) And yes, it takes 
time and requires the right attitude, similarly to other soon-to-be 15 
projects :)

> Hugs!

Thanks again. To you and to others (special thanks go to Gregor) who 
cover my absence on the pkg-perl front.

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