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Re: packages with perl-modules, CPAN, Policy

On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 12:08:00 +0400, Dmitry E. Oboukhov wrote:

[cc-ing debian-perl@l.d.o, please adjust address for replies as

> I dislike very much to watch how the admins I'm  acquainted  with
> install perl-modules with the help of the command perl -MCPAN  -e
> shell, however there's no other way out when the package  is  not
> included into deb-repositary.  Many of them simply can't build  a
> deb-package.

You could point them to dh-make-perl which will create usable
packages from CPAN modules in many cases.
> I think if in the system of controlling the packages there  would
> be  an  opportunity  of  univocal  (single-valued)  search  of  a
> deb-package according to the name of a perl-module [1],  then  it
> would give the following opportunity (and besides the simple ease
> of search of a package name (sometimes it is rather hard to  find
> a  deb-package  in  repository   according   to   the   name   of
> perl-module)):

I don't find it hard, `apt-file search' for Foo/Bar.pm is quite handy
(and can be scripted or used in a shell function or ...).
> So when refreshing the system the  modules  installed  from  cpan
> would be replaced by the modules from  deb-packages  (if  they've
> appeared).

This would have to take the versions into account too.
> I offer to include new fields into  debian/contol,  for  example:
> Export-Perl-Modules: WWW::Mechanize,  WWW::Mechanize::Image,  ...
> These fields may be filled in by hand or it is better to  entrust
> this function to dh_perl (or a new utility of such kind).

Manually adding the provided module names doesn't really scale IMO.

In general I'm not sure if all this work is worth the effort; but a
database that matches perl modules and debian packages would have
another use case: There has been interest from the CPAN QA guys to
get more information about the status of CPAN modules in Debian, and
one first obstacle we meet when discussing these nice ideas on
debian-perl@l.d.o was to find the match between the names.
Maybe it would work the other way round: To find a way to get the
"CPAN status in Perl" and make these data available for local admins
without having to mess with ~1400 lib.+-perl packages and bloating


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