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Re: liblinux-lvm-perl quasi-hijack

> Hi,

Hi Gunnar!
> Jeremiah, you were listed as the sole maintainer for
> liblinux-lvm-perl, which resides in our tree. While fixing RC #460604,
> I took the liberty of marking you as an uploader and add the group as
> the maintainer (and added myself as an uploader as well).
Thanks, I didn't mean to be the sole maintainer.

> I'm adding a dependency on quilt - if you are interested in the patch
> (i.e. treating this as a NMU), it's readily available :)

I will integrate that into a new package! 
> Greetings, hoping not to step on your toes.

Not at all. I felt bad about leaving this so long, but I wasn't sure
what the fix would entail and I had hoped upstream would do it but
that was wishful thinking. Thanks for helping out!


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