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Re: RFS: libmath-calculus-expression-perl

On Sun, 18 May 2008 23:11:56 +0530, Deepak Tripathi wrote:

>    I am looking sponsor for my package
>    libmath-calculus-expression-perl.

- The upstream source URL is wrong, should be "-" instead of "::".
- You might want to consider moving to the new proposed format for
  copyright files, cf.  http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat

- I would not install the upstream README, it doesn't provide any
  useful information for users
- You could also remove the "Add commands ..." comments, as the
  commands are already there :)

- Homepage is wrong too, s/::/-/
- It would be nice to mention the module name in the description so
  people can find the package more easily. I suggest to change "This
  module" to "Math::Calculus::Expression" in the beginning of the
  long description

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