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Re: [mlaks@post.harvard.edu: PDL::IO::Dicom is not packaged in pdl package how to add it in? dh-make-perl not working??]

> I am working with medical images with PDL and perl.
> I notice that the list of modules in 
> dpkg -L pdl
> ...
> does not include the Dicom.pm module. ie PDL::IO::Dicom.
> while the site at cpan lists the following.
> PDL::IO::Dicom   	 a module for reading DICOM images.    	   	 
> ...
> There seems to be some discrimination here against Dicom.pm. :).
> So my question here is
> 1. Can we get Dicom.pm to be included (PDL::IO::Dicom)

You should file a bug report against the pdl package.

> 2. How to incorportate it into my debian system till then.
> 1) I guess I can stick in my local directory.
> 2) I could try cpan shell install of it.
> 3. Try dh-make-perl
> However when I try dh-make-perl I get the following problem.
> If I run dh-make-perl --build --cpan PDL::IO::Dicom
> then I get 
> ...
> The directory /home/mlaks/install-pdl-dicom/PDL-2.4.3/debian is already present and I won't overwrite it: remove it yourself.

The problem dh-make-perl has is that upstream .tar.gz includes a debian/
directory. This should be reported upstream. debian/ directories are no
good if present in the upstream-distributed archive.

Meanwhile, you should either use the present debian/ directory,
therefore no need to use dh-make-perl at all:
    cd PDL-2.4.3; dpkg-buildpackage
or remove it and run dh-make-perl with a directory argument:
    rm -r PDL-2.4.3/debian; dh-make-perl --build PDL-2.4.3

> I subscribe to debian-user, and not debian-perl, so can I be cc'd on
> any  response? thank you all very much for your work!


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