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Re: FWD: Accepted debhelper 6.0.10 (source all)

Joey Hess wrote:
> Julian Mehnle wrote:
> > Please don't, until debhelper 6 has been included in a Debian stable
> > release.
> Please _do_ build-depend on debhelper as soon as you need a feature from
> a new version. We should not hobble development by waiting for our
> development tools to be included in the stable release.

Updating hundreds of packages to require debhelper 6 isn't any less work 
than updating hundreds of packages to not perform an unconditional rmdir, 
plus the former hinders backportability.

So while I generally agree with your statement, in this particular case it 
just isn't a good rationale for requiring debhelper 6 in all the packages 

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