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post-commit hook for tagging pending bugs set up


I have installed yet another post-commit hook in group's SVN repository
that checks the log of each commit and if the log looks like there is a
bug closed, the bug is tagged as pending. The pattern for matching bug
closures is taken from DevRef.

The mail to the BTS control interface is sent From:
pkg-perl-maintainers@l.a.d.o. Example is available in
(well, the example is not very real as the commit only added the missing
Closes: #nnnn, but should be enough to see the idea).

The implementation of the post-commit hook is mine, based on SVN::Client
and Mail::Send. No external programs are invoked (no forks). I didn't
take some of the already available alternatives, as the one I liked best
functionality-wise was written in a language I can't deal with. The
script is available as svn-tag-pending-bugs under scripts/.

If you see anything wrong in the script or in the whole idea of
auto-tagging, please tell me.

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