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Re: Bug#466487: libauthen-smb-perl: should this package be orphaned or removed?

Xavier Oswald dijo [Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 05:17:31PM +0100]:
> (...)
> Upstream seems "dead" for these two packages.. so I don't know how to handle
> this situation...
> If libapache2-authenntlm-perl is orphaned we could take it and conflict on
> libauthen-smb-perl and the same for libauthen-smb-perl against
> libapache2-authenntlm-perl. But I don't like this idea...

Umh, that's not a clean way out, I agree... authenticating against SMB
can clearly be useful for many people (at least for me ;-) But for the
systems I've written, as I need access to several other SMB-related
resources, I used only Filesys::SmbClient) - Maybe upstream
development has stagnated because the module is essentially finished?
It is a quite well delimited task, and the original author probably
thinks he does not really need to keep enhancing it...

Anyway, I am not going to single-handedly adopt it (neither here or
upstream)... But as you are the Authen::* modulemaster, maybe you
should at least grab Authen::Smb ;-)

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