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Bug#463350: libphp-serialization-perl

Package:      wnpp
Severity:     wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-perl@lists.debian.org

I need a Debian package of PHP::Serialization before I can update the
packaging of Zoneminder from 1.22.3 to 1.23.1 (1.23 introduces the
usage).  Also, code in the existing package libdata-serializer-perl
appears to reference PHP::Serialization, which suggests that some of
it's functionality does not work without this module being packaged.

The details below come out of CPAN.

Package Name:    libphp-serialization-perl
Version:         0.27
Upstream Author: Jesse Brown <jbrown@cpan.org>
Description:     simple flexible means of converting the output of PHP's
serialize() into the equivalent Perl memory structure, and vice versa

Provides a simple, quick means of serializing perl memory structures
(including object data!) into a format that PHP can deserialize() and
access, and vice versa. 
NOTE: Converts PHP arrays into Perl Arrays when the PHP array used
exclusively numeric indexes, and into Perl Hashes then the PHP array did

Peter Howard <pjh@northern-ridge.com.au>

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