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Re: watch files

-=| gregor herrmann, Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 03:41:26AM +0100 |=-
> On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 17:55:33 +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
> > * What shall we do about the "trailing part" ('debian uupdate' or
> >   similar)? It's hardly used, and I'd personally prefer to remove it
> >   to get more consistency but there might be others who actually
> >   like/use it.

I drop this when I see it too. When I get to review a package, "uscan
--force --rename" is the first thing I do after "svn update" and if it
fires up uupdate or svn-upgrade or whatever I am a bit surprised.

I find the hook useful when the upstream source needs to be repackaged
for some reason.

Yes, I know of at least one DD in the group that uses that hook with
svn-upgrade, but as he uploads the packages by himeslf, I got no chance
to remove it :)

About the "policy", I think that it is sufficient that dh-make-perl uses
what is considered "widely accepted" and be done with it. Writing down
every bit of dh-make-perl templates in a "policy" with the note that
"packages differ and deviations are possible" seems like duplicated work
to me.

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