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Re: libauthen-tacacsplus-perl

On 01/06/2008 11:47 AM, gregor herrmann wrote:
As the package will be uploaded to unstable it must build on

Sorry that was not clear - I thought unstable was a given. I use a Sid pbuilder environment on i386 and sparc64 (these are the arches I have on hand) to verify unstable builds. I also went and built on Sarge and Woody to make sure the package is backwards compatible, since I have production Sarge and Woody servers (I know..), and to sort out the build-depends >=versions that I know work.

This is probably unnecessary for a new package going into Debian unstable for the first time, but I wanted to cover backporting this particular module on versions I know work. Too selfish? ;)

Kind Regards,
Michael Shuler

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