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Re: New version of libcache-memcached

"Jeremiah C. Foster" <jeremiah@jeremiahfoster.com> writes:

> 	I used the magical uscan command to download a new version of
> Cached-Memcached which would get rid of two bugs. One of the bugs
> wasn't really a bug and I closed it by hand after communication with
> the memcached mailing list. The other bug was asking for a new
> version of libcache-memcached-perl.

Using a debian/rules saying 

  PACKAGE=`pwd | sed -e "s/.*\/\\(.*\\)-.*/\\1/"`

and then assume the $(PACKAGE) is the proper package names seems
broken to me. At least it doesn't build right out of a subversion
checkout not usin svn-buildpackage but dpkg-builtpackage.


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