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ITH: podbrowser

Package: podbrowser
Version: 0.03-1.1

The version of podbrowser (0.03-1.1) is ancient. 0.10 has been
available for over a year. With lib-gtk2-ex-printdialog-perl, all the
dependencies are now there, and so the new (!) version can be

Maintainer up to now has been Florian Ragwitz, who I see is part of
the Perl group. I have made several attempts to contact him over the
past few months with no success.

As podbrowser is for browsing Perl documentation, and is a pure-Perl
application, it makes sense to me to maintain it from within the Perl

In the mean time, Ubuntu has packaged the 0.10, although they
obviously haven't tested it, as they are missing the
lib-gtk2-ex-printdialog-perl dependency. It also makes sense to start
from this package. So, assuming no one has any objections, I shall
svn-inject podbrowser 0.10-0ubuntu2 and make the necessary changes to
get it up to scratch.



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