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Re: Bug#445390: Is Jay Bonci MIA ?

I intend to move all of my packages over to the Debian Perl Group as soon as
possible, join that group as much as I have time, and maintain memcached

Apologies for lack of contact (and lack of key). Work, school, and life has
intervened to destroy my free time over the last year.

I don't object to anyone hijacking my packages for the purpose of joining
the perl group. I will be around this weekend to facilitate the move.

Apologies for the lack of contact. It's been a busy few months with school
winding down.


On 11/29/07 7:16 AM, "Vincent Danjean" <vdanjean.ml@free.fr> wrote:

>   Hi,
>   libxml-rss-perl need to be upgraded to a new upstream version
> (see #445390).
>   If Jay Bonci does not manifest himself and nobody objects, I will
> add this package in the Debian Perl Group in a few weeks.
> Jay will be listed as an Uploader and will be able to continue to
> maintain this package later if he wishes to (as anyone in the Debian
> Perl Group).
>   Else, can Jay give a sign and explain what he wants to do with this
> package ?
>   Best regards,
>     Vincent

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