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DM and pkg-perl

I've just received a mail from the BTS, triggered by an upload to the
debian-maintainers package:

 debian-maintainers (1.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recommend attaching changesets to bug reports. That's easier for us.
  * Added Debian maintainer Ralph Amissah. Closes: #451857
  * Added Debian maintainer Tobias Toedter. Closes: #451918
  * Added Debian maintainer Simon McVittie. Closes: #451971
  * Added Debian maintainer Martin Ferrari. Closes: #451998

That means that I'm a DM now! (/me dances happily!!! \o\ /o/)

I didn't expected this to happen so fast (Joey, you're breaking
long-established Debian traditions! :)), and now we have something to
address: how are we going to handle this situation within the group?

For single-maintainer packages that's easy. But here anybody touches
any package; and then somebody else uploads what's ready.

Damyan will surely welcome help with uploads, but for that to happen,
every package should have the DM-upload-allowing flag enabled. And I
don't think that everybody will be comfortable with that (and I need
some warm-up time before I can confidently upload packages).

As per the rest of the work, we could use the policy that when you do
a significant change and put yourself in Uploaders (as we currently
do), that package could also gain the DM flag. But this has the
problem that we don't do many uploads in a row of the same package,
but for many different packages....

So. What do other people think about this issue?

Personally, I'll start by asking my usual susp^Wsponsors to upload my
non-group-maintained packages with the DM flag.

Martín Ferrari

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