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Re: yaz upstream

On Sat, 17 Nov 2007 20:54:57 +0100, Vincent Danjean wrote:

Info for Eric:
The Debian Perl Group maintains libnet-z3950-zoom-perl which depends
on yaz; we have been discussing the status of these two packages.

> >>> I'm not sure if the maintainer of yaz is actually MIA but at least
> >>> with regard to yaz he seems more or less inactive. Could you take a
> >>> look into the MIA database of the echolon iformation in LDAP?
> >> Not in the database, last message is from 06 Jun 2007 (debian-bugs-dist
> >> and debian-bugs-closed -- both not archived)
> >> Not in the MIA database.
> >> I wonder what to do if he is MIA indeed or it is otherwise not possible
> >> for him to maintain yaz. libyaz2 has only 11 popcon votes...
> > Well, somebody has to take it over :)
> > (or at least upload NMUs to usntable)
> >> Perhaps Vincent Danjean (who did the NMUs of yaz in experimental) would
> >> want to take over?
> > That has come to my mind, too (cc'ing Vincent).
>   Sorry to be so long to notice this message.

No problem, thanks for coming back to this issue.
>   I've been interested in yaz only because I was trying to package Koha.
> I still have an IPT on Koha, but I did not make a lot of progress here
> (mostly because I do not have enough free time).
>   At the time I looked at yaz, I uploaded it to experimental because I did
> not want to break anything (it was before etch) and I do not know enough
> yaz to know if its API changed.
>   I can maintain it if you want [1], but I will not be a regular user of it.
> [1] only if the current maintainer agree or if it is declared MIA

Thanks for your offer!

Eric, what's is the status of libyaz2 from your point of view? Do you
plan to upgrade the package? Do you want to continue maintaining it?
Would you mind handing it over to Vincent?

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