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Re: Joining the Perl Group

Hi, Peter,

-=| Peter Makholm, Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 07:54:23AM +0000 |=-
> I've just submitted a request to join the Perl Group so a presentation
> mail might be in order.
> I'm a Debian Developer and have previously maintained a few perl
> modules [...]

I've just accepted your request. Welcome to the group!

In case you didn't already, you may want to browse the various docs on
<http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/>, especially the subversion.html
page. This should give you brief impression about how we do things in
the group.

>   libterm-shell-perl - module for writing shell-like interfaces.
>   libfile-next-perl  - File-finding iterator (waiting in NEW queue)

You're welcome to svn-inject these and more in SVN. Please make sure you
use joey's hacked version of svn-buildpackage since the one in the
archive does not support the layout of pkg-perl repository. See /topic
in #debian-perl.

Feel free to ask in the channel if you have any doubts.

BTW, all DDs already have commit access to group's SVN. Of cource, it is
much better if you also introduce yourself, thanks. And, it was a
pleasure for me to excersise my new pkg-perl-admin powers ;-)
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