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New Homepage field

As discussed on debian-devel@l.d.o dpkg is ready for the new
Homepage: field in the source stanza of debian/control.

dam and rmayorga and me have been discussing the idea of a "mass fix"
for all packages in the repository, i.e. removing the pseudo-field
from the Description (only a few packages) and adding the new field.
I've hacked up a small and ugly (shell) script for that purpose, and
it seems that it does it's job not too bad; the new field is
constructed from http://search.cpan.org/dist/ + module name from 

Before I let it run over trunk:
* Are there any general objections against using the new field?
* Could someone take a look at the script (in our repo at
  scripts/qa/homepagecheck)? Any improvements/re-writes welcome!
* Is the approach for constructing the URL sane?  

Any other thoughts?

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