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Re: Source package naming for Perl modules

Sex, 2007-09-21 às 13:15 +0000, Julian Mehnle escreveu:
> and give your opinions on whether, and under which circumstances, _source_ 
> packages of Perl modules in Debian should be required to be named
> /^lib.*-perl$/.  (This is not about binary package names, which should be 
> named so without a doubt.)  Thanks!

I would stick to lib*-perl unless the project has a cultural identity by
itself, like mime-tools does. I think it should be completely case by

I, in the other hand, strongly discourage the use of perl-something or
something-perl (unless it's how the project is called by the community).

If there's a need to call "something-perl" or "perl-something" it's
better to stick to the standard schema. I mean, we don't need more than
one standard for that.


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