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Re: changelogs, UNRELEASED, etc

-=| Raphael Hertzog, 14.08.2007 11:53 |=-
> On Mon, 13 Aug 2007, gregor herrmann wrote:
>> I was thinking about adding DEBCHANGE_MULTIMAINT=no too to
>> ~/.devscripts, because or policy says "If someone else changed
>> something that has to be noted in debian/changelog, he just adds a
>> line to the current entry (dch -a). He should not put his name there
>> - the user does not care and we can always check the svn log." -
>> Comments?
> I don't like that. The changelog is a tool for developers, contributors,
> and advanced user maybe. I think it's important to be able to see who did
> what without resorting to "svn blame" or "svn log". The names really don't
> clutter much.
> Furthermore I think it's important for the visibility of one's work and
> as you know it's possibly part of the motivation of someone to be properly
> credited for their work.


I agree with you on both points. Is there a procedure for changing the
DPG's internal policy? :) [1]

[1] A smiley is a smiley, but the question is real.
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