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Re: Request to join the debian-perl group

Jeremiah Foster dijo [Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 04:37:40PM +0200]:
> Hi there!
> My name is Jeremiah Foster. I have been using both debian/perl for a
> while and am interested in learning more about packaging perl
> programs and debian packages in general. I would like to join the
> group to help maintain perl packages for debian.
> I have submitted a package that I have adopted (libcdk-perl) as an
> RFS to this list. I think (or hope) it might be ready for upload
> since I tracked down every lintian error I could find.
> I will be in Vienna for YAPC::EU, looking forward to Gunnar's talk
> there and hoping to meet other debian-perl people.

Welcome to the group!

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