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Re: RFS: libnet-tftp-perl, libquota-perl

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- -=| Damyan Ivanov, 30.07.2007 23:46 |=-
> -=| Rene Mayorga, 30.07.2007 22:18 |=-
>> Hi :)
>> I'm looking a sponsor for this two packages:
>> libnet-tftp-perl -- updated to new upstream version
> There are very suspicious changes to the upstream sources. Are you sure the tree in SVN is 
> updated to the new release?

Thanks for fixing this. Uploaded.

>> libquota-perl	 -- ITA, updated to new upstream version.
> didn't look at this yet

This is not ready for uploading  yet.

The watch file needs some version mangling to cope with "+dfsg".

Did you look at the important #166994 ?

debian/copyright is a no-go - it misses years of copyright of the
author. Also, there needs to be a
list of files under different copyrights. There is no information about
packaging copyright/authorship. Please preserve the previous packager
info (from README.Debian) here. If necessary, ask for clear license from
previous packager(s).

I'd change README.Debian's content to just
  Changes to upstream sources
  The file vxquotactl.c has been removed from the archive, because it
  misses clear licensing information and is used only on VxFS.

Since upstream sources are repackaged, please provide
debian/get-orig-source script that automates this. Including
get-orig-source target in debian/rules is a plus.

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