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Re: Packaging a CGI with modules? -- Try Module::Build!

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> In the end, I have to wholeheartedly agree with Martín Ferrari: Perl's
> MakeMaker and similar tools (Module::Build, Module::Install, etc.) are
> great for modules, but suck for complex setups. But that's where you
> use debian/rules ;-)

MJ, Gunnar, Martin, what MJ is trying to do may be awkward to achieve with 
MakeMaker, but it's a breeze with Module::Build (don't know about Module:: 
Install, but I guess it can do it easily, too).

For example, look at this package of mine, which can be installed
"manually" via Module::Build but also has debian/ infrastructure built on 
top of that:


(I could have suggested other packages that actually are in the Debian 
archive, such as courier-filter-perl, but that's not a CGI app, and thingy 
is the one with the most comprehensive Build.PL I can offer.)


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