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Re: joining pkg-perl?

Hi Gábor,

Am Freitag, den 11.05.2007, 20:13 +0300 schrieb Gabor Szabo:
> I have just joined that mailing list too so no, I have not sent any message yet.

Feel free to send pkg-perl related stuff there, I’ll read it there as

> I have started to research the availability of CPAN packages in the
> various distros:
> http://www.szabgab.com/distributions/

Yay, we beet Ubuntu. Really nice page! 

It would be really useful if you could provide a similar page,
restricted to those packages that the Debian Perl Group maintains. You
can get a list using this command (I think):

grep-available -F Maintainer 'Perl Group' -s Package -n

> I would like to encourage more people to get involved in the packaging of
> CPAN modules in various distros. For this I am planning to setup some resources
> I call CPAN::Porters. (Probably some tools and a mailing list along with pointer
> to help people get started.)
> In order to do this first I would like to become familiar with the process
> of maintaining CPAN packages in the distros. As I am an Ubuntu user
> and I figured the best way to get them in Ubuntu is to get them in
> Debian and then sync them to Ubuntu, I would like to learn the process first
> for Debian.

I saw your other mail to the list, with the packaging, and others were
already commenting, so I leave it to them. You might also want to check
out debian-mentors@lists.debian.org.

> So I am planning to submit several packages for inclusion.
> First I'll pick a perl-only module with no dependencies to make it simple
> but I hope I can get more difficult things as well.
> Specifically I am looking at modules in the CGI::Application::*,
> Log::Dispatch::*,  Test::* name spaces.

As you can see, CPAN has over 12000 package. Please use common sense in
what modules should be included in Debian. Some criteria _I_ would use
    Is it required by some program in Debian.
 or Is it something people will most likely need for everyday hacks
and Is it maintained actively

I’m not doing much perl work myself these days, so I can’t comment on

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