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Help needed on a bindings package

Hi all,

I'm working on a new upstream version of graphviz and willing to split
the package in several parts, including perl bindings, and I'd like
some help on it, since it looks to me that there's no such entry in the
Perl Policy.

You can find the -perl package at [1] in case you want to have a look
directly at *.pm, *.so, etc.

 1. http://kibi.sysif.net/pub/packages/graphviz-2.12/libgraphviz-perl_2.12-1_i386.deb

Here is the list of its content:

$ dpkg --contents /var/cache/pbuilder/result/libgraphviz-perl_2.12-1_i386.deb \
   | cut -b 49-
| ./
| ./usr/
| ./usr/lib/
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/gv.pm
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/gv_perl.man
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/libgv_perl.so.0.0.0
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/libgv_perl.la
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/libgv_perl.so.0 -> libgv_perl.so.0.0.0
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/libgv_perl.so -> libgv_perl.so.0.0.0
| ./usr/lib/graphviz/perl/gv.so -> libgv_perl.so
| ./usr/share/
| ./usr/share/doc/
| ./usr/share/doc/libgraphviz-perl/
| ./usr/share/doc/libgraphviz-perl/copyright
| ./usr/share/doc/libgraphviz-perl/changelog.gz
| ./usr/share/doc/libgraphviz-perl/changelog.Debian.gz

It is exactly as installed by upstream, at the moment. I guess that it might be
needed to move things under /usr/lib/perl5 (vendor branch), but I'm not sure
about the exact location of each file (shall I create a subdirectory to put the
libs in, adapt the pm file to use it, etc.).

Any help and pointer to documentation would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Cyril Brulebois

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