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libmail-spf-query-perl 1:1.999.1-3

Hi all,

currently there are at least two packages providing the `spfquery` tool: 
the "libmail-spf-query-perl" package and the "spfquery" package (the 
latter of which is based on libspf2).  (I am also working on a "libmail- 
spf-perl" package for the Mail::SPF Perl module, which is supposed to be 
the successor of Mail::SPF::Query and will also bring its own version of 
an `spfquery` tool.)

I think it would be a good idea to have those packages use the alternatives 
system instead of conflicting with each other.  So I updated the libmail- 
spf-query-perl in the DPG's Subversion repo for a 1:1.999.1-3 release to 
use the alternatives system.  (I am also going to contact the maintainer 
of the "spfquery" package and submit an according patch.)

Please consider uploading libmail-spf-query-perl 1:1.999.1-3.


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