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Re: Bug#387846: ITP: libtext-typography-perl -- markup ASCII text with correct typography for HTML

* gregor herrmann [2006-09-17 03:15:18+0200]
> On Sun, 17 Sep 2006 03:30:56 +0300, Recai Oktaş wrote:
> > I've packaged libtext-typography-perl[1] on behalf of the Debian Perl Group
> > and I'm intending to upload it to the pkg-perl repository (my account on
> > svn.debian.org seems ok).  Anything else I should do before svn-injecting?
> Just go ahead, if something needs to be changed, it can always be
> done afterwards.

Hmm, seems that I have to be added to the pkg-perl (?) group:

    svn-inject \
        libtext-typography-perl_0.01-1.dsc \

    svn: Can't create directory '/svn/pkg-perl/db/transactions/3837-1.txn':
    Permission denied


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