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Re: Your opinions on low-NMU treshold

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> There have been a couple of mentions in the recent thread in
> debian-project [1] (specifically this one [2]) of the LowThresholdNmu
> maintainer list [3]. In short, in order to make RC bug squashing
> faster, the maintainers which agree that their packages don't have to
> go through the 7-day delay queue usually used for NMUs sign up and
> allow for people to act fast.
> I have signed up a long time ago - But by far, most of my packages
> belong to the pkg-perl group. How do you feel regarding this proposal?
> Should we sign up the whole group for expedite NMUing? Or should I
> note that it applies only for my _other_ packages, not for those
> group-maintained with this group?

I applaud the increasing tendency of Debian maintainers signing up for the 
low-threshold NMU list.  But I think the group already serves as an insti- 
tution to distribute the responsibility among many persons.  I'd support 
signing up the entire group, too, as long as any NMUers commit their NMUs 
to the group's Subversion repository.

If that's impossible without being a member of the group, then I am against 
it.  The group should not have to continually track, and reproduce in the 
repo, NMUs, which are bound to happen relatively frequently given the 
large number of packages maintained by the group.

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