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Re: RFA: libfreezethaw-perl -- legacy FreezeThaw perl module

retitle 376033 ITA: libfreezethaw-perl -- legacy FreezeThaw perl module
owner 376033 !

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 14:11:23 -0700, ivan-debian@420.am wrote:

> Nothing particularly wrong with this package for what it is - a package 
> of an old, popular-in-its day serialization module.  Better 
> serializaiton solutions exist these days in perl core, such as Storable, 
> but this module has no outstanding problems other than age and is still 
> popular enough according to popularity-contest that a maintainer who 
> still has a legacy need for it (or, barring that, QA) seems like a 
> better place for it than requesting removal.

I'll adopt the package for the Debian Perl Group.

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