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Re: Improved Subversion guide

All good catches.  I did a little reformatting to fix the title issue,
removed the redundant "INDEX" section (it's generated automatically by
pod2html), and fixed the other things.  Again, thanks for the feedback.

Overall, the document is very good. Thanks for taking the time to write

Yes, thank you, Allard and Joachim!

Yes, well, it's been a while since we first wrote the guide. Since then, my involvement in the DPG has been minimal due to time constraints, I'm afraid.

The guide is based on my and Joachim's experience with the SVN tools. Not speaking for Joachim, but at the time, my experience with SVN tools was very limited and the document was never polished. For my part, the part about tagging was very hastily written. Although I must admit that I never looked back to see what Joachim and others have added to the document.

If you have experiences that differ from the guide, please document them. The guide should evolve along with current practise.



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