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Re: dpkg.pkgs.cpan.org

On Oct 28, 2005, at 8:21 PM, Joachim Breitner wrote:

I just read about the apt gateway to CPAN. This is very cool (although
it makes the reason I co-founded the Debian Perl Group void :-)

Well, there's also the maintainership/content issue, which always needs some volunteers :)

Some suggestions:
 * Could you also add .debs built on stable (sarge)?

Currently we're prototyping it -- and we only have one build box, which churns out i386 packages on unstable... I'm not sure however that grabbing bleading edge software from CPAN and building it on debian stable should warrant it being marked 'stable' -- or am i not understanding what you mean?

 * Could you add a "Origin: CPAN" header

Sure... can you point me to the relevent debian documentation on it's format? Or even better yet, patches welcome ;)


 * Maybe one could enable "reportbug" to detect the package origin and
file the bugs aganst the CPAN bts if applicable

I'm not sure how that works. Again, can you point me at the relevant documentation?

Cool idea, I'm curious how it'll work out.

I think that will mostly depend on community enthusiasm :)

	Jos Boumans

	"Two rules to success in life:
  	1. Don't tell people everything you know"
		--Sassan Tat

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