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Re: Strange behaviour while building the libcvs-perl package

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 18:13 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Hmmm... On my just-updated Sid chroot:
> # pbuilder build libcvs-perl_0.07-1.dsc
> (...)
> t/00checkout....ok                                                           
> t/05commit......ok                                                           
> t/10status......ok                                                           
> t/20tag.........ok                                                           
> t/21rtag........ok                                                           
> t/30update......ok                                                           
> t/40diff........ok                                                           
> t/50export......ok                                                           
> t/90release.....ok                                                           
> All tests successful.
> I built your package a couple of times, trying to note if there is a
> difference between it before and after building (that is, if the clean
> target does not really clean everything up), and I found nothing.
First of all thanks for your precious help Gunnar.

Your build process sounds good to me -- The problem is that on some
other sid machines on which we tried to build the package the process
fails, especially on the machines of Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org>
which is going to sponsor the package for me.

Any ideas what can be the problem? Mohammed Adnène Trojette
<adnene@trojette.com> reported that the some make tests could fail
according to the locales setting of the system -- He tuned around a bit
with them an has noticed that some tests, which previously failed, went
fine then.

> [snip]
> Fix them. For what I see, many (I don't know if all) of those modules
> contain the license informaation in POD, with no useful documentation
> - They don't need, IMHO, documentation, as they are internal-use
> modules, not to be called directly from the outside. Just specify in
> the MAN3PODS section of the Makefile.PL (see the ExtUtils::MakeMaker
> man page) which manpages you _do_ want to generate, and you should be
> set. 
i fixed all the lintian warnings and configured MAN3PODS in order to
build only the MAN page of the main public Cvs interface command, not
all the rest.

I've rebuild the updated package (Debian version didn't change in order
to be always at -1 for first Debian upload) and uploaded it once again
to MDN -- Feel free to check it out for a second test.

If the package compiles successfully on other sid machines, IMHO it is
ready for upload.

> Greetings!
Thanks once again for your help and interested, Gunnar.
Best regards,


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